Design Your Strategy
to Achieve Your Why

Augustus designs research-based solutions with you and for you.

How Can
We Help You?

Founded with a mission to address the concerns of organizations, individuals and communities, Augustus is poised to help with today’s challenges while providing ROI for the future.

Augustus translates research into effective ways to solve problems, increase growth and improve well-being. We'd love to support your goals.

Research-driven strategies to create actionable change, growth and well-being.

We understand your business is as unique as the DNA of your leaders, employees and customers. Our research is designed to use your strategic goals as a lens to take the pulse of both your customers’ needs and wants, as well as your team's engagement and well-being. The results drive customized strategies to create meaningful ROI - growth, change and well-being - for your organization and the individuals you serve.


Many organizations are actively investing in their strategic plan and operational goals, HR efforts, and marketing. However, most have not effectively connected these resources and outcomes. We integrate your Why and connect the dots for greater efficiency and effectiveness of your resources.

Augustus uses design thinking to consider your goals at every step of the process. Each person on your team from C-suite to customer-facing team members is considered and can be engaged in developing your strategies. Inclusion in the process creates necessary buy-in for your company’s long-term success. Including all stakeholders ensures everyone wins.

Action Planning

We apply a “Win-Win-Win” filter to identify the priority strategies to move forward. The strategies that benefit all will generate the ROI you need - raving fans who are well and growth to ensure your sustainability.

We believe that success must be measured. Augustus works with our clients to identify the right ROI measurement ranging from growth to community well-being, from market share to employee retention, and from Net Promoter Score to employee engagement.


Organizations must pay attention to well-being as a critical factor to success because well-being is a predictor of employee engagement, turnover, workplace safety, and customer engagement [Gallup]. The ROI of well-being can be found in sales, productivity, task accuracy and improved health and quality of life [The Happiness Dividend]. For communities, well-being is related to societal outcomes like lower teen pregnancy rates, lower crime rates, higher high school graduation and increased charitable giving [Gallup].

Well individuals work in thriving organizations and live in vibrant communities. Augustus is passionate about connecting people with places where all thrive.