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We are often asked, “Why ‘Augustus’?” The story goes that Caesar Augustus led the Roman citizens to inspire them to live the way they desired to be. That is what Augustus helps organizations do - helping to identify your goals and then apply research to design a strategy to deliver results.

Caesar Augustus’ leadership is also thought to be the foundation of Public Relations, which is the original practice area of our founder, Heather Schoegler. Both of Heather’s grandparents were small business owners who lived on August Drive. Heather honors their influence in her life with Augustus.

“I enjoyed the work with Augustus and was disappointed when it was ending. It felt like a coach, helping us design and move forward with our goals. Augustus gave us a depth of clarity and direction.” - Rob, healthcare leader


Heather Schoegler, President

Heather is passionate about connecting people and places so that all thrive.

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Heather Schoegler has over 15 years of experience in strategy development, marketing and PR. Her work is focused on solving client challenges through design thinking and research. From user experience, crisis communication, to corporate citizenship strategy, Heather tailors each solution to the unique DNA of the organization or individual. A “win” for Augustus looks like a win for our client, their customers and their team. Heather has applied her skills in industries like healthcare, economic development, not-for-profits and the creative sector. Understanding success is not driven solely from skills and expertise, Heather has a depth of knowledge, training and experience in empathy and related soft skills. Her Gallup Strength in Individualization ensures each situation and individual is treated in the way that best serves him or her.

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"We believe in being active participants in the communities we call home. We serve using all of our resources - time, talent and treasure - with a goal to engage and inspire others to do the same."


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