Our Approach

Augustus designs research-driven strategies to drive actionable change, growth, and well-being for organizations and communities

Augustus was founded in 2015 with a vision to connect people and places - organizations and communities - where all thrive. Today, we are focused on using research to identify the unique DNA and motivators of organization’s employees and customers in order to create sustainable growth and well-being for the business and their community. Augustus solves today’s challenges while providing ROI for the future.

Our Clients

Our clients range from industry leaders to small businesses in sectors including healthcare, financial services, economic development, retail and manufacturing. We provide our services exclusively to one client per industry in the markets they operate.

"As a leader, I don't often have time to get beyond the work of the day. We needed help strategically identifying where to go next and how to unify our team toward the future. Simply having research and data can be useful, but Augustus focused us to utilize the data to design a strategic plan to move us forward well into the future. Without their guidance, we would have been left with more information but no more time or ability to think broader on how the insights affect our services and team." -Tom, healthcare leader

Our Solutions

In every client engagement, Augustus begins with the question “Why?”. Modeled after Simon Sinek’s best-selling book, we believe WHY drives all decision making that generates valuable ROI. For us, this approach means tailoring our work to your goals for growth, the employees you care for, and the communities you serve. For you, this approach means uniquely designed, research-based strategies to help you solve your greatest challenges.

"How" the WHY is achieved and "what" is developed and measured becomes our points of prioritization. Because Augustus designs research-based strategies tailored to your unique goals and audiences, our solutions are specific to your needs. Our strategies are not one-size-fits-all; rather, we bring best-practice and innovative approaches for today's challenges. Our experience has developed the following solutions for clients:

We believe that success must be measured. Augustus works with our clients to identify the right measurement for ROI ranging from growth to community health and well-being, from market share to employee retention, and from Net Promoter Score to employee engagement. Our clients are measuring success in the following ways:

"Augustus delivered much more than we knew to ask for and surpassed the value we expected." - Tim, financial industry COO